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On 29 December 2011, I finally stopped paying for my znet site ( I'd been keeping it around since 2004, simply because I didn't have the time to move the mostly-dead pages from there, including my fallbrook site. All my znet pages are now reached from a "znet" directory at, but have had no changes made to them. In particular, the URL at the bottom of the page is now incorrect, and my contact email address ( is still a no-longer valid email address. In the table below, links to those pages are marked with an asterisk.

I've added direct links to each of the individual znet main pages below.

Also, I no longer update links for most of my pages. I have over 2,000 webpages, and it is simply not possible for one person to keep the links current. Almost all the now-dead links can be found at the Internet Archive by putting the old URL into their Wayback Machine.

Field Guides: (some with Jane Strong) Hiking Information:
  • Complete Table of Contents
  • Example Pages:
    • Rate of Human Problems
    • Average L.A. Freeway Traffic Versus Time and Day of Week
    • Expected Return From Stocks In Next 5-10 Years
    • Salary Curve for Engineers and Scientists
    • Accuracy of Weather Predictions for Fallbrook, San Diego County, CA
Interesting Facts:
  • Table of Contents*
  • Example Pages:
    • Human Mortality and Health Problems
    • Income and Salary Information
    • House Price Information
    • Misc. Facts
Plants (with Jane Strong) Misc.:
Work webpage ( is no longer online. Here is one of the more fun pages that was on that site: No Tenth Planet Yet From IRAS.
Financial Advice*
* Denotes links to pages moved from my znet site that have incorrect URL at the bottom of each page and a no-longer active email address for me.

Each major site has an update log that gives a list of changes versus date. The update log may be found further up the directory structure for sites not in the highest-level directory.

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