Plants With Voucher Records for the Heart Bar State Park, Fish Creek Area of the San Bernardino Mountains in Calflora

These records were obtained from the Calflora Occurrences Library by:

  1. searching for records above 1800 m (5940 feet) in San Bernardino County from Calflora, which produced 4743 records; and then

  2. manually selecting all records that were within a distance of about five miles from the Aspen Grove Trailhead at Fish Creek. Such records usually contained words such as Fish Creek, South Fork, Santa Ana River, Sugarloaf Mountain (excluding records on its north slope) or San Gorgonio Mountain (excluding records on its south slope).

    For the Forest Service Plotlist Records, we selected all records within the region 34.04 to 34.21° latitude and 116.68 to 116.88° east latitude.

These selections produced 496 records for 146 taxa.

Note that this is a far from complete list, but it does indicate which species have been found in the area. For more specific information on any given record, consult Calflora Occurrences Library.

If there was only a single record, the elevation of that record is given in the Low Elevation column. If there was more than a single record, with differing elevations, the lowest and highest recorded elevation is given in the two elevation columns. Because the number of records is so small for each species, and is often only a single record, most species will undoubtedly be found significantly outside the range of elevations given here.

We updated some of the Forest Service names to conform with those used in the Jepson Manual.

Because the Forest Service observations are generally of lower quality than the vouchered observations, we mark the taxa below that come only from Forest Service observations. In addition, we question the validity of eight of the observations, and have moved them to the bottom of the table.

To convert meters to feet, multiply the numbers in the table by 3.28.

Latin NameCommon NameFamilyFS
Acer glabrum var. diffusummountain mapleAceraceae 2590 
Sphenosciadium capitellatumranger's buttonsApiaceae 24382682
Achillea millefoliumyarrowAsteraceae12377 
Arnica chamissonis ssp. foliosameadow arnicaAsteraceae 27432804
Artemisia ludoviciana ssp. incomptamountain mugwortAsteraceae 20722590
Artemisia tridentatabig sagebrushAsteraceae120722743
Artemisia tridentata ssp. vaseyanamountain sagebrushAsteraceae 1965 
Aster occidentaliswestern mountain asterAsteraceae 1981 
Bahia dissectaragged-leaf bahiaAsteraceae 2621 
Chaenactis santolinoidessantolina pincushionAsteraceae 19811981
Chrysothamnus nauseosuscommon rabbitbrushAsteraceae126212621
Chrysothamnus nauseosus ssp. mohavensisMohave common rabbitbrushAsteraceae 1965 
Cirsium scariosumelk thistleAsteraceae 2286 
Erigeron aphanactis var. congestusclustered fleabaneAsteraceae 25293489
Erigeron divergensspreading fleabaneAsteraceae 19202438
Eriophyllum confertiflorumgolden yarrowAsteraceae123772621
Eriophyllum confertiflorum var. confertiflorumgolden yarrowAsteraceae 19812255
Gnaphalium stramineumChilean cudweedAsteraceae 2072 
Gutierrezia sarothraebroom snakeweedAsteraceae 19202438
Hieracium albiflorumwhite hawkweedAsteraceae 2438 
Hieracium horridumprickly hawkweedAsteraceae 2895 
Hulsea vestitapumice hulseaAsteraceae 19201981
Hymenopappus filifolius var. lugensColumbia cutleafAsteraceae 2150 
Lessingia filaginifolia var. filaginifoliaCalifornia-asterAsteraceae 2255 
Machaeranthera canescens var. canescenshoary-asterAsteraceae 21332773
Madia eleganscommon madiaAsteraceae 20422042
Senecio triangularisarrowhead butterweedAsteraceae 24382438
Solidago confinissouthern goldenrodAsteraceae 1950 
Tetradymia canescensspineless horsebrushAsteraceae 22552438
Trimorpha lonchophyllaspearleaved northern daisyAsteraceae 2072 
Alnus rhombifoliawhite alderBetulaceae 19202042
Cryptantha circumscissacushion cryptanthaBoraginaceae 2072 
Cryptantha micranthapurple-root cryptanthaBoraginaceae 2072 
Cryptantha muricataprickly cryptanthaBoraginaceae 2255 
Arabis hirsutahairy rock-cressBrassicaceae 2316 
Arabis hirsuta var. pycnocarpahairy-fruit rock-cressBrassicaceae 1950 
Sambucus mexicanablue elderberryCaprifoliaceae 22552377
Symphoricarpos rotundifolius var. parishiiParish's snowberryCaprifoliaceae 2773 
Arenaria lanuginosa ssp. saxosaspreading sandwortCaryophyllaceae 19202377
Sagina saginoidespearlwortCaryophyllaceae 23772560
Stellaria longipes var. longipesmeadow starwortCaryophyllaceae 2804 
Arctostaphylos glandulosaEastwood manzanitaEricaceae12072 
Arctostaphylos patulagreen-leaf manzanitaEricaceae 2438 
Chimaphila umbellatapipsissewaEricaceae 2743 
Euphorbia palmeriwoodland spurgeEuphorbiaceae 19812773
Amorpha californicaCalifornia false-indigoFabaceae123462377
Lotus nevadensis var. davidsoniiDavidson's lotusFabaceae 2773 
Lotus oblongifolius var. oblongifoliusnarrow-leaved lotusFabaceae 1981 
Lupinus lepidus var. confertusclustered tidy-lupineFabaceae 2042 
Oxytropis oreophilaround-leaf loco-weedFabaceae 3468 
Trifolium monanthum var. grantianumfew-flowered cloverFabaceae 18892499
Chrysolepis sempervirensbush chinquapinFagaceae122553139
Quercus berberidifoliascrub oakFagaceae120722438
Quercus chrysolepiscanyon live oakFagaceae118282621
Quercus kelloggiiCalifornia black oakFagaceae12255 
Gentiana fremontiimoss gentianGentianaceae 23772651
Geranium richardsoniiRichardson's geraniumGeraniaceae 18892042
Ribes nevadensemountain pink currantGrossulariaceae 1981 
Phacelia brachylobashort-lobed phaceliaHydrophyllaceae13139 
Monardella linoides ssp. strictaflax-like monardellaLamiaceae 2590 
Salvia pachyphyllathick-leaved sageLamiaceae 19202590
Linum lewisiiLewis' flaxLinaceae 1981 
Epilobium canum ssp. latifoliummountain California-fuchsiaOnagraceae 24382438
Epilobium ciliatum ssp. glandulosumglandular willowherbOnagraceae 2529 
Gayophytum diffusum ssp. parviflorumgroundsmokeOnagraceae 2438 
Linanthus breviculusMojave linanthusPolemoniaceae 1981 
Polemonium occidentalewestern sky pilotPolemoniaceae 2316 
Eriogonum fasciculatumCalifornia buckwheatPolygonaceae120722438
Eriogonum kennedyiKennedy's buckwheatPolygonaceae 2133 
Eriogonum kennedyi var. alpigenumsouthern alpine buckwheatPolygonaceae 3505 
Eriogonum wrightiiWright's buckwheatPolygonaceae120722743
Rumex salicifolius var. denticulatuswillow-leaved dockPolygonaceae 2758 
Calyptridium parryi var. parryiParry's pussypawsPortulacaceae 1920 
Claytonia perfoliata ssp. mexicanasouthern miner's lettucePortulacaceae 1935 
Aquilegia formosawestern columbineRanunculaceae 1981 
Delphinium glaucumSierra larkspurRanunculaceae 25902590
Delphinium patens ssp. montanumspreading larkspurRanunculaceae 1889 
Thalictrum sparsiflorumfew-flowering meadow-rueRanunculaceae 2529 
Ceanothus cordulatusmountain whitethornRhamnaceae122552773
Ceanothus greggii var. perplexanscupped-leaf ceanothusRhamnaceae 20722133
Rhamnus californicaCalifornia coffeeberryRhamnaceae11828 
Amelanchier utahensisUtah service-berryRosaceae 19812346
Cercocarpus betuloidesbirch-leaf mountain-mahoganyRosaceae124992621
Cercocarpus ledifoliuscurl-leaf mountain-mahoganyRosaceae120722743
Horkelia rydbergiiRydberg's horkeliaRosaceae 2042 
Potentilla wheeleriWheeler's cinquefoilRosaceae 2346 
Galium parishiiParish's bedstrawRubiaceae 2712 
Salix lasiolepisarroyo willowSalicaceae 1981 
Salix lemmoniiLemmon's willowSalicaceae 28342834
Salix scoulerianaScouler's willowSalicaceae 24382438
Castilleja angustifolianorthwestern paintbrushScrophulariaceae 1981 
Castilleja applegatei ssp. martiniiMartin's paintbrushScrophulariaceae 19812438
Castilleja miniatascarlet paintbrushScrophulariaceae 19812377
Castilleja minor ssp. spiralislesser paintbrushScrophulariaceae 18892560
Castilleja montigenaHeckard's Indian paintbrushScrophulariaceae 19202468
Cordylanthus neviniiNevin's bird's beakScrophulariaceae 2133 
Mimulus brevipeswide-throated yellow monkeyflowerScrophulariaceae 2042 
Mimulus moschatusmusk monkeyflowerScrophulariaceae 2499 
Mimulus parishiiParish's monkeyflowerScrophulariaceae 2133 
Mimulus primuloidesprimrose monkeyflowerScrophulariaceae 2773 
Mimulus tilingiilarger mountain monkeyflowerScrophulariaceae 23772773
Pedicularis semibarbatapine lousewortScrophulariaceae 2346 
Penstemon caesiusSan Bernardino beardtongueScrophulariaceae 2999 
Phoradendron villosumoak mistletoeViscaceae 2011 
Calocedrus decurrensincense-cedarCupressaceae118282255
Juniperus occidentaliswestern juniperCupressaceae 20722743
Abies concolorwhite firPinaceae118282773
Pinus contortalodgepole pinePinaceae124993139
Pinus flexilislimber pinePinaceae127732773
Pinus jeffreyiJeffrey pinePinaceae120722773
Pinus lambertianasugar pinePinaceae118282682
Pinus monophyllapinyon pinePinaceae120722743
Pinus ponderosaponderosa pinePinaceae123462346
Carex lanuginosawoolly sedgeCyperaceae 2072 
Carex subfuscabrown sedgeCyperaceae 2636 
Juncus balticuswire rushJuncaceae 2072 
Juncus mexicanusMexican rushJuncaceae 20422072
Juncus parryiParry's rushJuncaceae 2987 
Juncus phaeocephalus var. paniculatusspreading brown-headed rushJuncaceae 2499 
Juncus xiphioidesiris-leaved rushJuncaceae 2072 
Lemna valdivianavaldivia duckweedLemnaceae 2042 
Calochortus invenustusplain mariposa lilyLiliaceae 1981 
Veratrum californicum var. californicumCalifornia corn lilyLiliaceae 2468 
Malaxis monophyllos ssp. brachypodaadder's-mouthOrchidaceae 2438 
Achnatherum coronatumgiant needlegrassPoaceae120722438
Achnatherum hymenoidesIndian ricegrassPoaceae123462346
Agrostis idahoensisIdaho bentgrassPoaceae 2560 
Agrostis scabrarough bentgrassPoaceae 2773 
Bromus carinatusCalifornia bromePoaceae 2072 
Bromus ciliatusfringed bromePoaceae 2072 
Deschampsia cespitosa ssp. cespitosatufted hair-grassPoaceae12377 
Elymus trachycaulusslender wheatgrassPoaceae 2377 
Festuca kingiispike fescuePoaceae 2377 
Poa annuaannual blue grassPoaceae 2377 
Vulpia myuros var. hirsutahairy rattail fescuePoaceae 2314 
Pteridium aquilinum var. pubescensbrackenDennstaedtiaceae12255 
Polystichum munitumwestern sword fernDryopteridaceae118281828
Selaginella bigeloviiBigelow's spike-mossSelaginellaceae124682682
Selaginella watsoniiWatson's spike-mossSelaginellaceae 2590 

Questionable Observations

Alnus rubrared alderBetulaceae11828?2255?
Monardella odoratissimamountain-monardellaLamiaceae12560?3108?
Holodiscus discoloroceansprayRosaceae12682?3108?
Populus angustifolianarrow-leaved cottonwoodSalicaceae 1965? 
Abies magnificaCalifornia red firPinaceae12346? 
Pinus monticolawestern white pinePinaceae12682?3108?
Sisyrinchium longipestimberland blue-eyed grassIridaceae 2042?2042?

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