Santa Rosa Mountains, California

The Santa Rosa Mountains of this page are in Riverside, San Diego and Imperial Counties, California. They are part of the Peninsular Ranges, oriented northwest to southeast. To the northwest are the San Jacinto Mountains; to the north and east, the Coachella Valley; to the south, the Borrego Valley; and to the west, the Anza Uplands.

John W. Robinson in San Bernardino Mountain Trails says:

South from the Palms-to-Pines Highway, the Santa Rosas rise as a sky island out of the desert foothills.

Highway 74, the Palms-to-Pines Highway, is a convenient, but not entirely accurate, separator of the San Jacintos and the Santa Rosas. Early maps show the Santa Rosas as an extension of the San Jacintos. The name Santa Rosa Mountains did not come into use until 1901, when the Geological Survey completed its mapping of the mountains.

There are many well-known places called "Santa Rosa" that may be a source of potential confusion:


The newly designated Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park: Santa Rosa Region (DesertUSA) Be sure to look at the many other informative pages about the desert on this site
Anza Borrego Desert State Park - The Northeast
Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center
Cahuilla Tewanet, an overlook


San Diego Museum of Natural History Birds & Mammals
San Diego Museum of Natural History Focus On...the Scott's, Bullock's, and Hooded Orioles

Bighorn Institute Research Project
Santa Rosa land deal to preserve sheep habitat
Desert Bighorn Sheep

Threatened and Endangered Species Bureau of Land Management Environmental Education Homepage


Rare plants...
Santa Rosa Mountains Linanthus
Parish's Chaenactis
California Penstemon

and plants in general...
Ecological Subsection M262Bp Desert Slopes
Ecological Subsection M262Bo Palomar - Cuyamaca Peak
Plant Communities: Peninsular Ranges to Colorado Desert
Plant Communities of Riverside County Pinyon-Juniper Woodland


In general...
Chapter 1 The San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains Read all the pages in this monograph. They're worth the time!

and earthquakes in particular...
Cecil and Ida Green Piņon Flat Observatory-(PFO) for earthquakes!
Moderate M5.1 earthquake strikes Southern California [Anza]
Real-time Distribution of Seismic Data


Hiking from Jackass Flats Through Butler Canyon
Rockhouse Canyon Day Hike
Boo Hoff Trail: Trail begins and ends in dry wash
Alice Point, Crab Point, Dawn Point, Ruth Point, Zosel Point on San Diego Peaks List
Sierra Club, Angeles Chapter, Hundred Peaks Section Lookout Mountain #1, Santa Rosa Mountain, Toro Peak, Asbestos Mountain
Sawmill Trail offers great views
Follow Calamity Jane's Footsteps: On the Palm Canyon Trail
Ramble with map and compass amid the tortured landscape of Palm Wash in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park


BLM Palms to Pines Scenic Byway Tour
Palms to Pines Highway Highway 74 a motorcycle ride


Native Americans of the Salton Basin-Colorado Delta
Santa Rosa Reservation

Juggling nature and recreation A Corona native will oversee the Inland area's new national monument.

History and Conservation

A Century of Conservation in the Coachella Valley
Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan

Photo Galleries

Golden Gate Photo - Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Gallery

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