Fire Information And Forest Closures In Southern California in 2004

As of 20 October 2004, there have been no fires in Southern California on the scale of what we saw in 2003.

The Angeles National Forest closed essentially 100% on 27 September 2004, but reopened on 20 October 2004 after significant rainfall. See San Gabriel Mountains: 2004 Closure Information for more information.

The San Bernardino National Forest closed most of its lower-elevation areas covered in chaparral on 26 July 2004, and as of 19 October 2004 we have not yet heard whether they have reopened. A map of the closed areas is available here. The higher elevations remain open, and there is hope that they will continue to remain open due to summer rainfall they have received.

During 2004, the Cleveland National Forest continues to close major areas due to the 2003 fire. See Fire Information And Forest Closures In Southern California in 2003 for these areas. In addition, on 27 September 2004, the Cleveland National Forest has implemented increased closures as well, but apparently not as drastically as in the ANF; some trails remained open for hiking there. These additional closure areas reopened on 20 October 2004.

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