Some Interesting Facts

Human Mortality and Health Problems

The rate at which various problems (mainly diseases) and conditions afflict humans.

Number of people born in the U.S. versus time, their current age, and number alive in 1997. The upper (blue) curve gives the number of births in the U.S. in the year at which they would be a given age in 1997. Thus the number of births in 1951 is plotted at their current age of 46 in 1997. The lower (light green) curve gives the number of those people who are alive today using the most recent mortality tables.

Mortality Plot for white males and females. The fraction of people alive at a given age.

The Probability of Death in the Next 10 Years for white males and females versus current age.

The mortality information in the previous 3 plots was obtained from the 1993 Abridged Life Table available from the National Center for Health Statistics website. It is available there only in an adf format file which contained no reference citation.

The Probability of Getting Breast Cancer in the Next 10 Years for females versus current age. Source: American Cancer Society, in SDUT 10/7/97, E3.

Income and Salary Information

Current Income Information (General). Median salaries, household income, etc.

Income by Educational Attainment and Sex

Current Salary Information by Occupation.

See also Salary Curve Analysis which included the 1996 Salary Curve versus experience for scientists and engineers.

House Price Information

Median California and U.S. Home Sale Prices 1970 to present.


Inflation Rates from 1913 to 1996

The OFFICIAL Star-Naming FAQ
(Link placed here due to the lawsuit threats against Perkins Observatory for this referenced page, which resulted in Ohio Wesleyan University removing their link, a shameful action on their part to give in to empty legal threats. See Sky & Telescope October 2000, p. 16.)

Percent of Web Covered by Search Engines

Sizes of some large databases

Solar Energy Spectrum, Integrated Energy, Wavelengths of Light Colors and Visual Response of Eye

Time of sunrise and sunset versus day of year for Fallbrook, CA and for Pasadena, CA.

Update log for facts.

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