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2007 Rice Fire: How the Winterwarm Area Was Saved

Fallbrook General Email Discussion List

Updated Email Address

Attractions/Novelties/Interesting Items Maps and Aerial Photos of Fallbrook, including digital data of streets to make your own map.
Bicycling in and around Fallbrook Organizations
Calendar of Yearly Events Places
Crime in Fallbrook and San Diego County Schools of Fallbrook
Economic Numbers Telephone Numbers and Hours of some Fallbrook Businesses and Institutions
Tidbits and Misc. Fallbrook information such as Camp Pendleton "Booms", Christmas in Fallbrook, curfews for minors, fire danger areas, and water quality.
Travel and Road Information
Hiking in and around Fallbrook, including the Santa Rosa Plateau Update log for Fallbrook webpages ("What's New") and Number of requests per week to this site.
History Views from Fallbrook, including the 8/00 Agua Tibia Fire and observations of missile launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base.
Issues facing the Fallbrook community such as SR-76 Proposed Routes, the Gregory Canyon Landfill, helicopters being transferred to Camp Pendleton, napalm and Rosemary's Mountain Quarry. Weather, Climate and Seasons of Fallbrook, including sunrise and sunset times, fly season, accuracy of predicted high temperatures, etc.
Lists: Webpages of the Fallbrook community

These pages cover the Fallbrook area, including Bonsall, De Luz, Rainbow and parts of the surrounding communities.

Neighborhood Email Lists

An email list containing only residents of a particular neighborhood is useful for several reasons. It gives an easy way to inform residents of neighborhood events, to share neighborhood information, to meet your neighbors, and to discuss issues only relevant to that particular neighborhood. An email list is a quick way to alert neighbors to events such as a cluster of burglaries when a new burglar becomes active, as sometimes happens.

If your neighborhood is found in the table below, and you would like to add your email address and receive those of others who have agreed to put their email addresses on the list, please email the contact person for your neighborhood. Those boundaries of each neighborhood are not rigid - if you are slightly outside those boundaries, but wish to join the list, you are welcome to do so. If your neighborhood is not in the table, and you wish to volunteer to maintain the email list for your neighborhood, email me and I'll add you as the point of contact.

NeighborhoodRough Area BoundariesContact Person# Email
On List
De LuzRiverside County Line on the north and Santa Margarita River on the southJoe Kennedy21
Morro HillsBurma Rd., Olive Hill Rd., Morro Hills Rd. and Camp PendletonGerhard Stier5
Winterwarm and San Luis Rey HeightsGreen Canyon, Mission, SR76, and the ridge between Alta Vista and Gird (see map)Tom Chester41

Updated email address. My Caltech email address (tchester@ipac.caltech.edu) no longer works, but I don't have time to change all the email addresses on my many Fallbrook webpages. To reach me, please use tom@tchester.org.

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