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For trip descriptions and logs, click on Trip Name where a link is indicated. I am gradually adding more logs, so if you have an interest in one, email me and I'll move it up in the queue.

For travel logs between Southern California to the Grand Canyon, see the table at the bottom.

For the measured accuracy of my pedometer vs. the highly-accurate mileages of the Bright Angel Trail, see Pedometer Accuracy.

For the interesting story of D.W. Mooney, aka James Mooney, his death at Mooney Falls, and the question of whether the current-day tunnels through Mooney Falls are natural or man-made, see The Tunnels In Mooney Falls, Havasu Canyon.


#DateRimTrip NameDeath March #MilesTotal milesRiver miles New River milesTotal Unique River miles
1Aug. 1970SBright Angel 191987.5 -
2Aug. 28, 1982SS. Kaibab - Bright Angel -2163585.5 -
3Aug. 27-28, 1983SHermit - Tonto - Bright Angel -1286387.5 -
4Aug. 1984NN. Kaibab 0289186.5 - 88.0--9.5
5June 29-30, 1985SGrandview - New Hance 12111276.5 -
6Apr. 26-28, 1986SHualapai Hilltop to Supai, Navajo Falls, Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, First Creek Crossing 35147154 - 1595.018.5
7May 23-26, 1986STanner - Escalante - New Hance 24218968.5 -
8Sep. 3-6, 1987NThunder River 346235134-1362.028.5
9May 2-4, 1988SBright Angel - Clear Creek - S. Kaibab 4728284 - 901.530.0
10Apr. 2-4, 1989SHualapai Hilltop to Supai, Navajo Falls, Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, Beaver Falls, Beaver Canyon 35317154 - 159--30.0
11Aug. 15, 1989NWidforss 12329TBS--30.0
12Sep. 20-23, 1989SBoucher - Tonto - Hermit 44337294.4 - 96.51.531.5
13May 1-3, 1991SS. Kaibab - Tonto East - Boulder Creek - Bright Angel 46418TBSTBS TBS
14Aug. 14, 1995SS. Kaibab - Bright Angel 1643485.5 - 90.0--TBS
15June 1, 1996SGrandview - Tonto West - Grapevine - Grandview 17451TBSTBSTBS
16Sep. 3-6, 1996NThunder River 531489134-136.50.5TBS
17Oct. 19,
21, 1997
SHermit's Rest to Dripping Springs
Bright Angel: Rim to River
Grandview Trail to Horseshoe Mesa
18Sep. 25,
26, 1999
SBright Angel Trail to Plateau Point
New Hance Dayhike: Rim to Redwall Descent

Car Travel Logs

Click on the date to get the individual logs.

DateOriginDestinationMileageTotal timeAve. mph
05/31/96Ontario AirportBright Angel Lodge46409:4148
06/02/96TusayanHualapai Hilltop, Ontario Airport47311:2741

A Death March is a strenuous trip that has the qualities of, say, a death march due to its length, ambitiousness, or any trip that requires a heavy backpack for several long days of hiking. There are two main characteristics of a Death March:

  1. At least once during a Death March, you have to ask yourself why you are doing this, and
  2. Afterwards you feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment, and almost completely forget the bad parts.

The Death Marches are numbered oddly because Craig and I didn't realize previous trips were death marches until a bunch of IPAC people came with us on the 1985 hike, and forcefully let us know that these trips were indeed death marches!

For extremely complete and accurate information about the Grand Canyon, including a list of all hikes, detailed hike descriptions for many of the trails, a beautiful index and glossary of Grand Canyon subjects and words, and links to quite probably every page that exists on the web relating to the Grand Canyon, go to Bob Ribokas' GRAND CANYON National Park Home Page. In my judgment, this is one of the very best pages on the web and the single best page by an individual.

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